9+ years of experience with Art Direction and Visual Design, I worked at Holodata Group, in main agencies in São Paulo such as One Digital Agency, Repense Advertising Agency, F.biz – A WPP Company and Walmart.com. I worked as a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Carrefour.com and I was responsible for interfaces design of digital projects, the creation of concepts and campaigns. Carrefour has an omnichannel strategy that sells homeware, toys, electronics goods, etc. The digital team developed the brazilian e-commerce interface, the app for e-commerce food and the totem interface for stores so the customer can have a productive and quick buying experience in our platforms.



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Curso: Tecnologia em Produção Multimídia


Disciplina: Content Management System (CMS)

Professor: Valdnei Dias Batista

Período: 2 Semestre /2018